Shingle Roofs

tile repair thumbThe exclusive Lopez Roofing Co. Roofing System offers you superior quality, exceptional water and moisture protection along with high-performance GAF Premium Shingles. We are the Single Roofing Masters so you can sit back and relax and know you are getting the best. With Lopez Roofing Co. composition shingle roofing, you get superior quality roof deck protection that will prevent wind-driven rain and water from infiltrating under your shingles.

Our composition shingle roofing system features a quality leak barrier that will help create a water-tight seal that keeps water out at the most vulnerable areas of your roof, while preventing leaks due to water backing up under the shingles from blocked gutters and wind-driven rain.

Lopez Roofing Co. composition shingle roofing provides the proper attic ventilation for a comfortable home. That means there will be no premature aging of your shingles, no warping, cracking or breakdown of the wood frame and no damage to siding and paint. You’ll also enjoy lower energy costs.

Lopez Roofing Co. installs high-performance GAF Premium Shingles. Features include:

  • UV Blocker Protection
  • Color Lock Granules – Micro Weave Core®
  • Custom specified ultra high performance provides better layer-for-layer protection
  • Dura-Grip® Adhesive seals each shingle lightly and reduces risk of shingle blow-off up to 110 mph
  • Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratory. One of the highest ratings possible
  • Algae Eater (standard with specifications of Grand Canyon or better) protects the beauty of the shingles by resisting unsightly blue-green algae

Our composite shingles also feature distinctive ridge cap shingles – the perfect finishing touch that accents the natural beauty of your new shingle roof. This is a higher quality alternative to using cut-up strip singles as your ridge cap, and offers multi-layer protection at the highest areas of your roof.